Corporate & Industrial Video

A word for our corporate and industrial clients:

We acknowledge that you have a business to run, and that your organization is committed to professionalism. So is AK Media. To that end, we believe that t-shirts and flip flops belong on the beach and not in the board room. When we work with corporate and industrial clients, we often work on-site. We make every effort to minimize our impact and distraction, from the size of our crews to their manner of dress.

We’re no strangers to NDA’s, confidential intellectual property, identity and privacy concerns, and other sensitive corporate and industrial information. AK Media is familiar with HIPAA, FDA, and other legal and regulatory constraints that often come with corporate and industrial communication. We’ll keep your private information as exactly that.

We’ve produced video loops and collections for tradeshows, direct presentations for governing boards, and national advertising for primetime broadcast. We’ve developed video and photo portfolios for client websites. Regardless of the audience, we realize that your business often depends on your image as much as the content of your message. Whether your communication needs are internal or external to your company, let us help you maintain and control a professional image to match the message.

When working with large organizations, we work closely with PR departments, marketing and communication directors, and project managers in order to ensure that consistency of image and extant corporate culture is maintained while developing and producing video. When working with smaller organizations, we often serve as a combination of the above. In short, we work as part of your team.

Instill excellence in your employees. Impress your clientele. Invest in quality video.