Jared P Dalton Ange


Jared looks out over the Essequibo River while filming from a boat in Guyana

Jared Ange is President & Founder of AK Media Productions and serves as Technical Director. He holds a B.A. in Communications with a focus in Media Studies and Production from the University of North Carolina. His expertise runs the gamut from cinematography & technological wizardry to number-crunching and floor-washing. He also wears the client relations and producer hats.

Jared combines a lifetime of experience in IT with a passion for optics and photography that he kindled at a young age. As a creative professional, Jared is focused on the craft of cinematography. He works to interpret the immense creative visions that AK Media Creative Director and Founder Charles A. Kleven brings to every project. In order to help translate script to screen, Jared’s inner nerd happily works out the digital kinks and develops a workflow suitable to the project.

As a small business owner and independent filmmaker, Jared acts on the need to intimately understand every aspect of video production in order to manage projects efficiently. He keeps his hands on AK Media projects from inception to delivery. Jared is a team player who leads by example, and that’s why he makes an effective producer. His passion for cinematography is what makes him an inspired producer.

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